My name is Jamie with Dentably. I wanted to reach out regarding dental resources for patients with additional needs. My sister has been struggling with dental care issues with my nephew for years and did not understand why he was so stressed when he had to brush his teeth or go to his dental appointments until he was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Dr. Greg and I did some research on ADHD and dental care and found that many children who suffer from ADHD are not getting the dental care they should.

Dr. Greg and I decided to write this thorough dental guide for parents and caregivers of children and teens with ADHD in order to help them understand what their child is going through with regards to dental issues and how to help.

The most common dental issue that many dentists see in patients with ADHD are cavities. This is because of a few different reasons.

First, it can sometimes be difficult for children with ADHD to perform routine activities like brushing their teeth or flossing. These poor oral hygiene practices put individuals with ADHD at risk for cavities. In a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, only 48% of children ADHD brush their teeth every morning and only 48% brush their teeth every evening. This low percentage proves why it’s important to instill a dental care routine from a very young age.

The second reason children with ADHD are at risk for cavities is because of medication. Medications used to manage ADHD can lead to changes in one’s diet and appetite which can increase a child’s risk for cavities. Side effects of an ADHD medication such as dry mouth also make individuals prone to cavities.

Another study showed that children with ADHD had nearly 12 times the odds of having a high number of diseased, missing, and filled teeth.

A Guide to ADHD and Dental Care -