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Footprint School

24 Jan K Marais Street, Malanshof,, ,
011 791 0062
Where available
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083 457 7382
Footprints School is a special needs school with a difference.
We are a registered LSEN Preparatory School, GDE Reg: 700400348, and can accommodate a maximum of 59 pupils ranging in age from 4 years turning 5 years to 16 years of age. We do not work in Grades as our pupils levels differ in each subject. We have a separate premises for our Junior and Senior phase. Our children have varied “labels” that have been attached to them by outside sources.
The staff at out school are very passionate about giving all out children opportunities to be able to contribute to society in their own unique way. We believe that is child is able and valuable with much to offer to the world.
Our children have been rejected by both government and private schools because of theor labels. Currently our pupil ‘labels’ are cerebral palsy. hearing impaired, asbergers, autistic, burn victim, near drowning victim, severe speech impediments, visually impaired, learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder and severe epileptic etc.
We take time to work out who they are and what their method of learning is.
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