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690 Rankdoring St, Moreletta Park, ,

Pathways-Pretoria is a non-profit organisation, initiated in August 2002 and co-founded by parents in their quest to find school accommodation for children with various disabilities. These parents found themselves frustrated with the lack of available inf ...

Category:Special Schools
Penguin Tutoring

Penguin Tutoring is the leading provider of specialist academic tutors. Our professional and personal management and extensive tutor database will ensure that your children get everything they need out of their extra lessons. All our tutors are carefu ...

Category:Extra Tuition
Pinata Africa

We post nationwide - A pinata is a paper-mache, handmade container filled with toys or candy (optional), suspended off the ground by a string. Everyone has a turn to break the Pinata with a stick (included) until the contents fall out . Order any shape to ...
Pines Resort

PINES RESORT - Due to popular demand the resort will be open for the month of April 2013. We will be open on Saturday, Sunday’s and Public Holidays from 9am to 5pm. Entrance fee: R80.00 per person from 7 years & up R40.00 per person from 2-6 years. Water ...

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