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Edumall – the one stop online store for all your educational software needs. We have a wide variety available from Toddler up to Grade 12. Give your child a head start in education with interactive lessons.

Classpad – Knowledge at your fingertips!

An interactive tool to engage students and make classroom study more interesting. Teachers can now utilize teaching hours for explaining a given topic in detail and students van download teachers notes instantly and give their undivided attention to class lessons.

Classpad changes the experience of accessing textbook for Students and Teachers.

Personalized and Interactive Learning with Classpad
Classpad facilitates personalized and interactive learning in the Classroom. Various content modules for K-12 are easily accessible on the Classpad. The unique solutions of Class teacher – Assessment Centre and iPerform are also integrated in the Classpad.

Classpad can also serve as an e-reading device, with the capability of storing dozen of books
Includes 1 YEAR grade specific subscription.
Innovative, integrated Learning platform. System supplements classroom education. With interactive lesson specific digital, multimedia modules and assessments. Online or Offline
How Classpad can benefit the Teachers and Students
- Teacher’s benefits as they can
Give their own content to the students instantly
Conduct test and assessments hassle ree

- Students benefit as they can
Improve their understanding of the concept / topic by giving undivided attention to class lessons.
Attempt assessments and get immediate results to further enhance their learning
- User Friendly interface and easy to use
- Classpad’s user friendly interface makes it convenient for the Students and Teachers to get acquainted with the application. Classpad is equipped with software that is designed to integrated smoothly with an existing school platform. Classpad provides the content in a School Friendly manner by supporting commonly used school applications.

Classpad Architecture
- Teacher teaches in the classroom on Interactive White Board and uploads a file on the server. Server checks the machines which are connected to a wireless network and class for which the content is uploaded. The server then transmits the data to Classpad.
- Classpad can save, edit and transfer files back to server. Teachers can use White Board to display data transmitted by Classpad on White Board.
- Overall, we are providing a digital interactive learning environment in which a student and teacher have the freedom to learn and teach anywhere inside the school campus through wireless network.
Students can access resources and upload their work (like subject assessments) anywhere inside the school campus.
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