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Brad Wilmot
083 327 7222
I am an internationally qualified and registered professional life coach with more than ten years experience in coaching young adults. I specialize in coaching young adults from 12 to 25 years old, dealing with the challenges and opportunities they face in high school, university and life.

Life coaching -

I coach young adults in all aspects of their developing life: coping with divorce, transitions, how to achieve success, self-confidence, leading a 'balanced' life, effective planning and prioritization, self-development including goals and dreams, managing expectations and developing life skills.

Academic coaching

My years of experience from university campuses my private practice allow me to provide academic coaching in the following fields: critical, visual & analytical thinking (Cvat!), effective learning techniques for all grades, managing perfection, effective summarization techniques, improved reading and comprehension, examination techniques, managing stress and worry, being learning successfully as the online era gains pace as well as individual academic performance with specific goals, such as entrance to specific schools, bursary programmes or university degrees.

It is always a great privilege to meet new clients and I welcome young adults from all walks of life into my practice. Individual coaching sessions are available in English or Afrikaans.
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